Past News

News For 2004

October 3rd - Afternoon Thunder Season Championship

Aaahhh, the backup motor. Always there when you need it, except when you need it to go faster! Chris limped along to finish 8th in the heat race, and a surprising fourth in the main. Sure there were only four cars left, after all the others were done breaking, and crashing into each other, but who cares? Fourth!
Congratulations to Terry Hiller, the 2004 Sportsman Sprint Car Champion, and the dethroner of Chris's two year reign of Sportman Season Championships. Take good care of that trophy, Chris is going to want that back next year! ;)

September 25th - Nite Thunder

After almost 6 weeks we have one that's not rained out! Too bad for Chris that a blown motor meant that he waited 6 weeks to run less than 6 laps. To sum up, it really sucked (or blew, if you will). But the Kromac Racing Team never gives up!! We'll be back next week with 'Ol Faithful, our backup motor that never dies... at least it hasn't yet.

Aug 13th and 14th - Platinum Cup (Drayton Valley)

Once again we ventured to Drayton Valley for racing, partying, and once again, broken parts. Chris kept the 360 motor in for the weekend, and we tried our luck again. Unfortunatly, luck was again not on our side. A loose bolt came off causing the brake caliper to snap. After thrashing to get the old one off and the new one on, Chris just made it into the main. Although it wasn't our best finish, it was good to see Chris out there racing against the 360s, especially when we almost didn't make the main.
The next night there was no damage, but the car wasn't running great. Not too bad, but not what it should have been. We didn't finish as well as we hoped but for the conditions, it was a great finish.

Aug 6th and 7th - Gold Cup

From everyone at the Kromac Racing team, we would like to thank Jim Albert of Almac Metal Industries for lending us a 360 motor. Unfortunatly, we had some "issues", and we didn't do as well as we expected this weekend. During the B-Main on Friday night, Chris had a little trouble avoiding some cars that had spun out. We did just enough damage that we couldn't fix the car and get it back out in time. After replacing a few bent bars and a slightly damaged back axle, we were ready for Saturday night. Unfortunatly, our bad luck continued on the second night. During the heat race, Chris spun out, and another car shaved off his front bumper. There wasn't a whole lot of damage to the car, but again, not fixable in time to go back out for the rest of the race. After that, the motor just wasn't running properly. Chris made a few laps in the B-Main and then decided to call it quits. Even though it was a disappointing weekend for us, we were very happy to have the oppurtunity to race against, and then watch, some amazing sprint car drivers. There are a few pictures up from the Gold Cup, so make sure to check out the photos section.

June 28th - Nite Thunder

Although I wasn't there to comment on it, I figured I better put something up... Chris finished 2nd in the heat race and fourth in the main.

June 5th - Nite Thunder

We had an exciting night of racing. Chris had a chance to race his first 360 car. He raced the number 99 car of Tyler Pincemann and had an awesome time. Since he still raced our regular Sportsman car, his crew had to do some running around, making sure he had a helmet with tearoffs (we had two helmets) and frantic sprints to find out where he was in the lineup. In total, Chris did over 75 laps including hot laps on Saturday night. We finished 3rd in both our Sportsman heat and main. In the 360 car, Chris was in the top 6 qualifiers, and finished 4th in the heat and the dash. He finished 6th in the main. Like Bruce said, he looked like a natural out there. He can't wait to get into another 360 car! Kromac Racing would like to thank Pat Beck and the entire Hot Wings Racing crew for giving Chris the opportunity to race Tyler's car. Anytime you need a driver, I'm sure Chris would be happy to fill in! Congratulations to Bruce for hist first Bud Park Feature win, and thanks to Gord for getting a trophy dash sponsor. As a side note, I'm going to Mexico for 2 weeks, so the rest of the crew will be taking detailed notes on the next two races, and I will update the site when I get back.

May 22nd and 23rd - Tisdale, Saskatchewan

Once again, we had a great time in Saskatchewan. After a slow start on Saturday, Chris came back with a feature win on Sunday, holding off both Jesse Dakus and Tim Gee for the entire 30 lap main. It was an awesome race to watch. You couldn't wipe the smile of Chris's face after he got out of that car! We ended up finishing forth in points for the entire weekend. Of course, Tisdale wouldn't be Tisdale without some good times at the Beehive Hotel. In fact, they wanted us to stay so bad, they kept buying us drinks on Sunday night until we "decided" to stay. Many thanks to Pat for the hotel rooms and the great hospitality, and thanks to Karen for putting up with us for the entire weekend. Also, thanks to the rest of the people at the Beehive who helped us "decide" to stay another night. Congrats to Marc Wiersma, Kyle Bates, and Jesse Dakus, the top three finishers from the weekend. And to the rest of the guys at the track, make sure to ask Chris how he got that scrap on his head at the next race on Saturday. :)

May 15th - Nite Thunder

It turns out we should have kept those horseshoes. Due to some loose bolts on the steering box in the May 8th rainout main, Chris steered right into the wall, and had the honor of causing the first red flag in the 2004 season. After replacing the front axle, rear axle, front wing, torsion bars, etc., and making sure those bolts were good and tight, we made it back for the regular night's main. Unfortunately, Chris hit his right rear tire against another car's left front tire, while trying to avoid him after he spun out. This wrecked the birdcage and Jacob's ladder, and ended our night. The entire Sportsman class took a big hit with only 2 cars finishing the final race, out of 9 cars that started the night. Hopefully, a weekend away in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, will straighten out all the 'bugs' we've all been having, and next time out will be a lot better.

May 8th - Nite Thunder

The first race started of great... until the 2nd lap of the heat race. The oil pump went in the car, and there was nothing we could do at the track to fix it. Fortunately, Colin pulled out some magic and did a successful rain dance. Right before our main, the races were canceled. The main is now going to be run next Saturday in addition to the regular race. Don't worry, Bruce, we'll bring you some horseshoes!

May 1st - Test and Tune

For the first time in many years, we had a test and tune! No rain or snow... it was creepy. Everything's running great, but then again how can things go wrong when you don't change anything? We're all looking forward to a great season. Good luck to everyone!