The opportunity exists for a marketing partner to capitalize on the popularity of Budweiser Motorsports Park, and the fans who attend the racing every weekend from May to September.

Through creative marketing efforts, and an association with a unique racing team you could reach thousands of race fans each week. This sponsorship would not only reach directly to the fans at Budweiser Motorsports Park, but also the surrounding population who would be exposed to the resulting media coverage generated by the team's activities.

In addition to our presence at the race track, We have participated in various promotional events where race cars are on display. In 1995, our I.M.C.A. car, along with others was on ITV FIRST NEWS and Chris was interviewed live as part of he Raceway's kick off to the racing season.

During Edmonton Klondike Days, our car was on display at the Promenade as a promotion for I.M.C.A. and the Klondike Cup two day race event held in July. In the summer of 1998 & 2000 we were featured in the Fort Saskatchewan Local papers. Our car was featured in the Edmonton Sun advertisement for the race track and in 2000 we participated in the Canada Parade in Fort Saskatchewan(see following pages). In July 2000 Chris was interviewed live on John Shorts sports talk during the CFRN motorsports Monday series.

Every Tuesday after racing in the 2003 season, Shaw Channel 10 did a 10 minute spot on the local racing at Bud Park. Chris was featured in these spots a number of times throughout the season. The spot ran twice an hour for 24 hours. The creators of this show are hoping to get the races televised on Shaw Channel 10 in the 2004 season.

Your company can be part of the excitement and gain valuable exposure to those involved in the sport of auto racing.

For more information on marketing opportunities refer to our sponsorship brochure .

Your company can be part of the excitement and exposure to those involved in the sport of auto racing.