Sportsman Sprint Car Facts and Figures

A Sportsman sprint car is a lower cost alternative to the 360 sprint cars and features a specific engine rule to reduce costs and keep the class competitive. Engines are limited to 360 A complete engine can be built for about $5,000.00 and will produce 450+ horsepower.

The Sportsman class is making sprint car racing more accessible for Alberta oval track racers. A turnkey Sportsman sprint car can be purchased for less than $12,000.

Suitable rolling chassis often sell in the $8,000 to $10,000 range. No class in Canadian oval track racing offers more bang for your buck than the Sportsman sprint car class!

Through more than eighty years of development, the sprint car has evolved into the ultimate dirt oval track machine. Experience the thrill of sprint car racing on the Budweiser Motorsports Park 3/8 mile clay oval. The best weekly oval track motorsports action in Canada.

Top Wing - A large aluminium wing is placed atop the car to aid in down force on straightaways. The large panels on the sides of the wing (sideboards) help tremendously with cornering as they actually catch the air going by as the car slides sideways and helps to keep the car upright. The wings also help cushion the impact felt by the driver if the car is involved in a rollover.

Nose Wing - In addition to the top wing, each car has a second front or nose wing which helps keep the front of the car planted firmly on the ground.

Frame - The sprint car chassis is a well refined piece of equipment. It is constructed of chrome moly tubing and is designed to offer maximum protection to the driver in the event of a crash.

Body - A combination of fibreglass and aluminium panels which form the hood and the body of the car. The large round aft section (tail tank) contains the methanol fuel for the car and has remained in the same configuration and style since the 1930's.

Engine - 360cu small block Chevrolet engine is the most common sprint car motor. Passenger car block, cast iron cylinder heads, flat taped camshafts Single valve springs, intake stack restrictors with fuel injection which runs on alcohol (methanol) fuel, magneto ignition (no battery or starter). These sprint car motors produce upwards of 500 horsepower.

Differential - A live axle differential is used on these sprint cars which features a quick change' ability allowing the team to change the gear ratio in under 10 minutes.

Transmission - No transmissions are used in these cars. Because of the lack of transmission or clutch (or starter & battery), these cars must be push started and cannot stop without stalling until the driver uncouples the driveline, at which time the car must be push started again to get refired'

Suspension - The torsion bar suspension on a sprint car is simple in design and light, due to the extensive use of aluminium. The front and rear suspension on a sprint car are designed for maximum durability under the rigors of racing.

Tires - Custom racing tires and wheels are used which are specifically designed for this application. Wheels feature a device (beadlock) that actually clamps the tire onto the wheel to keep it from rolling off due to the low tire pressure used (4-15 lbs.), and high cornering forces. Rear tires are drastically different in size to help the car turn left by itself' with the right tire being taller and wider than the left rear tire.

Interior - Single seat which fits driver tightly. A five point harness keeps the driver safely inside the cockpit of the car. There is also a removable steering wheel for ease of access.

Driver - Safety is a big concern for sprint car drivers. The safety equipment that the driver wears includes a multi layer firesuit, helmet, arm restraint straps (to keep drivers arms inside of cockpit during crash), fireproof shoes, Nomex gloves, underwear and balaclava. An on board fire suppression system is a special feature that we have installed in our car for additional safety.

Performance - The total weight of a Sportsman Sprint car including driver is1700 lbs. minimum. These cars will hit a top speed of over 100 mph.